Hi, and welcome to Pukka Kids.

This is the best website  for kids because it's made by kids. We both got the idea whilst we were doing a project at school. We chose the name Pukka Kids because it suited our site perfectly. We hope that you guys really like it.

Now, the big question, Who Are We???


Hi, I'm Katie.  I am 10 years of age and I go to a primary school in Colchester.  I have two very cheeky  guinea-pigs called Guinea and Stripe and a small tank of fish called sea monkeys which I share with my friend Priyanka. I play the piano accordion and I have passed two exams both with distinction.  I really love reading books such as Harry Potter and Narnia. When I grow up I want to be a vet.


Hi, I'm Priyanka. I'm 10 years old and I play the piano accordion. I have done 2 exams passing with distinction and merit. I also did an exam in Gujarati (my mother tongue). I passed this with a distinction. I love anything to do with space or Lord of the rings. I like reading books such as Harry Potter and Lord of the rings. I really enjoy being around my friends and I like school. I have some pet sea monkeys which I share with Katie. My ambition is to do scientific research involving space.